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    Events in Umbria

    Events in Umbria

    Calendimaggio Assisi

    May Day in Assisi is a spring festival in medieval costume.
    The city is divided into two parts, the Noble Upper Part and the Lower Part Magnificent, is the challenge for the conquest of the Palio. The challenge is through the conduct of parades in costume, acted scenes and musical performances.

    Is held from 8 to 11 May 2024

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    Palio of San Rufino in Assisi

    The Palio of San Rufino is a historic event – folk held in Assisi on the last Sunday of August. It consists of a competition of crossbow different terzieri the city to which the winner is awarded the Palio, a scope drape painted by an artist of national reputation.

    You place from 22 to 25 August 2024

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    Infiorata of Spello

    In the characteristic streets of Spello the flowers work a whole night to make rugs and floral paintings that wind through the streets of the historic center of the picturesque village intended to honor the passage of the Body of Christ, carried in procession by the bishop on Sunday morning. The result is a distance of approximately 1.5 km characterized by the alternation of over sixty different infiorate.

    Will take place on 1 and 2 June 2024

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    Giostra della Quintana Foligno

    The carousel is to do a few laps of the ancient stadium of Foligno (Campo de li games) as quickly as possible, putting three times a ring hanging from a statue (the “Quintana”) and receive no penalty. The ring diameter decreases progressively in the three rounds of the competition (8cm, 6cm, 5cm). The jockeys running in historical costumes and seventeenth-century before the race (the day or the night before) held a parade in lavish historical costumes of the seventeenth century.

    Is held from 14 and 15 June 2024 / Is held from 14 and 15 September 2024

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    Bevagna’s Gaite

    Reenactment of crafts and medieval market which is divided in the last week of June, lives its most significant moment in the days of the market, the main square is developed along the two courses to branch out within the four quarters. The streets are crowded with stalls and are full of the noise of the shops in which the visitor can find fabrics, leather items, basketry, cordage, paper, iron, copper handmade candles and even cheese, fish, freshly baked bread, buns.

    It will take place from 24 to 28 April / 25 May / 19 to 30 June 2024

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    Ceri in Gubbio

    The candles are three gigantic wooden structures weighing about four pounds each, surmounted by statues of St. Ubaldo, St. George and St. Anthony, carried on the shoulders along the streets of the old town to the summit of Mount Ingino, where stands the basilica of the patron Saint Ubaldo which the religious festival is dedicated.

    Will be held May 15, 2024

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    Event dedicated to the tradition of Italian and international chocolate, attracting many tourists and chocolate manufacturers, craft and industry, who sell their products in the streets of the city in exhibition spaces equipped. During the event are arranged several events, shows and cultural activities with animating paths tasting, performances, happenings in the streets, squares and places of art and tradition of the historic city of Perugia.

    It runs from 14 to 23 March and
    from 15 to 24 November 2024

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    Umbria Jazz

    The whole city sounds in jazz rhythm
    From the more famous of the Arena Santa Giuliana concerts, free concerts in every corner of the city, for 10 days of non-stop music.

    Is held from 12 to 21 July, 2024

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