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    Infiorata of Spello

    Every year the so-called Infiorate Spello fascinate many visitors and involve the entire population in their realization.

    The characteristics streets of Spello intoxicate perfume and dress with a huge colorful rug, made for two and a half kilometers with paintings of sacred art made entirely from flower petals. Frame at night Flower Spello, during which prepare the flowers finish their special work for the town’s streets, the floral note, are different events as those with the music, the exhibition market and recipes herbal and flowers of gastronomic experts.

    The floral display is the culmination of a preparatory work that lasts several months and sees the maximum commitment in the days before the Corpus Christi procession, in which prepare the flowers are mobilized along the slopes of Mount Subasio in search of colorful flowers and fragrant herbs .

    The technical realization of the paintings are different from freehand drawing the dusting, metal mold to the shape of cardboard. Then we proceed to the deposition of the petals, directly on the road surface without any treatment. The various operations last all night and only around 9 in the morning you can enjoy the finished entirely: 60 carpets from 12 to 15 square meters with some up to 35 square meters. of magnitude to sacred subjects, with reference to the tradition of painting umbra seventeenth and eighteenth century.

    After the passage of the procession is the experience of a high artistic commitment, a meeting cultural, religious and folklore that remains in the heart.