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  • Agriturismo Il Girasole Assisi

    Services and Conventions

    – Italian breakfast

    – Swimming pool and whirlpool

    – Large solarium with tables, chairs and umbrellas

    – Large garden with games, slides and swings

    – Baby Park with turret and spring games

    – Picnic area with BBQ

    – Parking

    – WIFI Internet Service

    – Fax service at reception

    – Availability of adding cot in the room

    – Service maps and guides to hiking, depending on their availability.


    Convention and Restaurant:

    Convention with some of the restaurants and pizzerias in our area, which will devote to our guests a special treat.

    Taxi service convention

    Sig. Stefano – Tel: 338/5704906

    Nun Assisi relais & spa museum

    In a timeless place, unique and evocative, for 2000 years dedicated to the worship of water, was born Nun Spa Museum.

    Nun offers a collection of Wellness Paths, Rituals and treatments that will arouse unforgettable sensations and emotions.

    We are pleased to report that the Farmhouse Il Girasole -Assisi- has the opportunity to offer its guests the service at the Nun Spa Museum at a reduced fee.

    These rates “confidential” are valid for both inputs midweek that weekend, are net of any burden brokerage and will be applicable until exhaustion availability:


    SPA entrance Museum

    (morning or afternoon, wellness program lasting 3 hours) and Midweek Weekdays € 30.00 to person

    From Friday to Sunday, weekends and holidays € 50.00 to person

    Entrance Spa Museum and Aperitif

    (1 glass of wine or soft drink accompanied by sfizioserie our Nun Bar) Midweek and Weekdays € 36.00 to person

    From Friday to Sunday, weekends and holidays € 56.00 to person

    Museum entrance Spa and Dinner / Lunch

    (2 courses and one dessert, drinks not included) Midweek and Weekdays € 70.00 to person

    From Friday to Sunday, weekends and holidays € 90.00 to person

    Parking Garage and guarded € 5.00

    Nun Assisi Relais & Spa Museum

    Via Eremo delle Carceri 1/A – 06081 Assisi (Pg)

    Tel. +39 075 8155150 – Fax +39 075 816580

    Email reception@nunassisi.com

    Experiences in the vineyard and tasting – Saio Assisi

    One step away from our hotel …

    The vineyards are SAIO the vineyard of Assisi, 15 hectares at 800 meters from the Basilica of San Francesco.

    An authentic experience in a family atmosphere. Discover an area through the flavors: homemade Umbrian wines at km 0. SAIO: excellence that are born from respect for tradition, innovation and attention to detail at every stage of production. Wine tasting on the veranda in the vineyards, Assisi touching with a finger! Less than 5 minutes drive from the center of Assisi and the railway station of Santa Maria degli Angeli. Reception in English, German and French. Parking is available for buses.


    – Picnic in the Vineyard

    (Free trail hiking and picnic lunch in the vineyard)

    From April to October Individual and groups up to 20 people.

    Duration: Free welcome in the tasting room.

    Visitors have the entire vineyard to them all the time they want.

    They are given a map of the trekking route in the vineyard with information boards on wine and viticulture. The route is scenic with exclusive views of Assisi, Perugia and Santa Maria degli Angeli and is suitable for all ages.

    Visitors will find everything you need for the picnic on the porch, in the vineyard facing a unique view of Assisi, the Basilica of San Francesco is 800 m away.

    Lunch includes: 1 bottle of wine of your choice every 3 people combined with:

    Bruschetta with olive oil SAIO,

    Pecorino medium-aged,

    Cake crafted text Salumi typical Umbrian

    Dolce traditional Umbrian.

    € 16.00

    € 19.00 With tasting and served during the picnic.

    – Taste of Umbria

    (Lunch in the tasting room)

    All year

    Groups of 6 to 45 people.

    Upon request for individuals and groups with less than 6 participants.

    Duration: about 2 hours

    A tasty lunch in the name of the excellence of our region … not a “light lunch”! A gastronomic journey that will take you from Castelluccio Lake Trasimeno to Mount Subasio.

    Lunch includes:

    Bruschetta with extra virgin olive oil SAIO,

    Pecorino medium-aged,

    Lentils from Castelluccio

    Salumi typical Umbrian Porchetta They cost

    Cake text Sweet traditional Umbrian.

    € 25.00 With three wines on the table

    € 30.00 With 6 wines on the table

    – Glimpses of Assisi

    (Aperitif or lunch tasting room)

    All year

    Individuals and groups up to 45 people.

    Duration: about 1 hour

    An opportunity to learn and enjoy the full flavors of Assisi and Mount Subasio.

    Culinary excellence at 0 km are expertly matched to our wines.

    The tasting includes: 2 SAIO Assisi wines paired with:

    Bruschetta with extra virgin olive oil SAIO,

    Pecorino medium-aged,

    Cake with salami text typical Umbrian € 9.50

    Ligth Lunch: € 15.00


    – Wine and Chocolate

    (Sweetness and relaxation)

    From October to March.

    Individuals and groups up to 45 people.

    Duration: about 1 hour

    We worked to make you discover the wines SAIO from a whole new perspective.

    For each wine its chocolate, carefully chosen to enhance aromas and flavors.

    Our small productions meet the precious craftsmanship of chocolate from Umbria, which comes from the passion of a family of chocolatiers for tradition. The tasting includes:

    Selection of three wines SAIO Umbria IGP matched pralines € 14.00

    – Open Wineries and tasting in the Vineyard

    (Lunch traveling in the vineyard)

    Last Sunday of May

    Individuals and groups.

    Duration: Free

    15 hectares of vineyards to discover freedom in Assisi touching with a finger, three relaxation areas to taste the wines and the best SAIO gastronomic delights for lunch en plan air.

    The program may change from year to year. Ask information!

    – Teaching experience for children and adults

    A journey to discover wine and viticulture, but also the history and traditions of a unique area as Assisi. The farm offers SAIO experiences edutainment (educational entertainment +) for kids and adults. The experiences are structured according to the specific target audience and are organized and conducted by the Educational Farm Operators certified by the Regional Commission for Certification of the Region of Umbria.

    Programs and targets:

    – Boys in the Vineyard: Boys from 14 years

    – From the Vine to the Chalice: Adults

    These experiences have received the Patronage of Assisi

    – Boys in the vineyard

    Programa active all year

    Classes and groups from 14 years to 19 years Groups up to 30 people around

    Duration: 3 hours Objectives:

    – Understanding the seasonal cycles, know the relationships with the biological and ecological system of the territory.

    – Know the plant the vine and examine the characteristics to be able to recognize the different types present.

    – Know the growing seasons and productive lives and their human intervention.

    – Ability to engage in care activities of the vineyard according to the season.

    – Observation and eExplanation machinery used in the care of the vineyard.

    – To stimulate sociability and ability to work in teams through the experience in the vineyard and the proposed activities.

    The experience is divided into three phases:

    – Visit the vineyard

    – Activities in the vineyard

    – Moment convivial.

    In case of rain will be offered an alternative program within the premises.

    The duration may vary.

    Groups of minimum 15 persons: € 8.00

    – From the Vine to the Chalice.

    Course for Apprentices winemakers and aperitif tasting room

    All year

    Groups of 8 to 45 people.

    Duration: 1 h 30 – 2 hours

    Discover the secrets of the aromas and flavors of the wine!

    Be enthralled by the art of viticulture and learn together with other apprentices winemakers like you what is behind a heady wine goblet.

    The family Mencarelli guides you on a fun experience on the field.

    The tasting includes: Grechetto and Sangiovese Umbria IGP matched:

    Bruschetta with extra virgin olive oil SAIO,

    Pecorino medium-aged,

    Cake crafted text,

    Cold cuts from Umbria.

    Groups of at least 8 people: € 16.00

    Individuals: € 25.00

    E ‘can be replaced with a drink in the lounge degusutazione picnic lunch on the veranda with a difference of € 5.00.

    From August 15 to October 31 Special Harvest Path focused on harvesting in all the activities that precede it.

    Info & Booking


    +39 335 8374784

    Bosco di San Francesco e Trattoria del Mulino

    The other half of Assisi …

    One step away from our hotel, accessible on foot, after a long work of reclamation of this beautiful area funded entirely by the FAI (Italian Environmental Fund) is reborn finally Bosco di San Francesco.

    This is not a simple walk in the woods or a nature hike, a visit to the Forest of St. Francis of Assisi, a splendid example of Italian rural landscape of 64 acres and over 800 years of history, it is much more, it is a real inner journey to discover that message of harmony between man and creation, which Saint Francis taught the world just from these places.

    To become involved in this new form of pilgrimage of the Third Millennium in nature, in history and in the sacred, you are invited to walk the narrow path, starting from the Basilica of San Francesco and passing through the Selva di San Francesco, owned by the Papal Basilica – Sacred Convent of St. Francis of Assisi, through woodlands and fields, clearings and groves. Once in the valley, you can discover evidence of a microcosm inhabited, between the thirteenth and fourteenth century by Benedictine nuns which includes a church, a mill, the remains of a hospital and a monastery and, later, an ancient tower-mill from which you can admire and enjoy the “Third Heaven”, the extraordinary work of Land Art of the Master Michelangelo Pistoletto created specifically for the Bosco di San Francesco.

    At the end of the beautiful and relaxing walk, you will find the Trattoria del Mulino, a quaint old farmhouse renovated by the FAI, where you can taste the typical dishes of the ancient traditions of Umbria.

    Convention riding school and horse riding instructor authorized

    Company “Defendente Club” in Rivotorto of Assisi.

    Lessons and rides by reservation

    Sig. Alex – Tel 333/2302751

    Flight from Subasio

    Spectacular site for paragliding flight in the skies of Assisi and Mount Subasio, whose peak reaches 1,290 meters above sea level and given its location, a bit ‘on the sidelines well comes to flights at altitudes above 2,000 m asl The flying site has 5 points of takeoff and two landing points, easily accessible both by car and free shuttles.

    The difference in altitude between takeoffs more frequent, the South (1,250 m above sea level) and the West (1277 m above sea level) and the official landing of Rivotorto of Assisi is about 1,000 m, if the atmospheric conditions are favorable, fly over Assisi the distant view of Lake Trasimeno and the Apennines is a breathtaking experience and fly will not be a problem for any pilot.

    Takeoffs are privileged the West and the South, as they are located on the side of the mountain more exposed to solar radiation and can count on convenient logistics offered by the landing field of Rivotorto (about 2 km from our hotel) whose width is about 1 hectare of land.

    In winter, when takeoffs are inaccessible due to snow and strong winds, is used takeoff of San Rufino (1050 m above sea level)

    The Club also organizes Ali Subasio of tandem flights, organized by experienced pilots and licensed patent.

    The flight must necessarily be booked, before takeoff the pilot supply its transient some information about the flight dynamics.

    In the air you can talk to the pilot, if it considers it appropriate, allows the transient to pilot the glider, the last phase of the flight is the procedure for landing. The flights, which take off from Mount Subasio, generally last about 15-20 minutes; The height difference between takeoff and landing is 1000 m above sea level.

    Parasailing: takeoff, glide and landing; Duration: 15-20 minutes.

    Flight engineer: A take-off gain altitude and short trips; Duration: 40-60 minutes.

    How to dress: Sportswear (no shorts or T-shirts). It is also recommended in a summer wind. Gloves in winter. Shoes: Recommended hiking; adequate gym.

    Rafting in Umbria and adventure trail – Valnerina

    Rafting is an exciting activity for all; requires no special skills or training to address immediately the rapids of the river with all possible safety precautions.

    The inflatable rafting are built specifically to withstand the stresses of the river, reinforced and divided into independent air chambers.

    Crews are normally composed of 6 (min. 2 max. 7) “passengers” and rail.

    Once in Rafting in Umbria Bevels of Norcia, the practice is very simple: You will be provided with all the necessary equipment for the descent: wet suits, helmets for protection, you take the paddle, and after a short course on how to maneuver dinghy part.

    Boarding for rafting is adjacent to the center and are not required shifts in the van unlike other towns in the area.

    Before embarking on the boat for the descent our guides describe the group, in a brief lesson in a few minutes, all the instructions and the main techniques necessary for the descent.

    Then climb up the boat and go down the river rafting.

    In every boat (maximum 7 people) there is a rafting guide who gives commands to the group, and through the paddles will try to steer the boat through the rapids.

    During the descent, where the river allows it, you can make dips.

    Finally we return to the base of the Center Rafting.

    In addition to rafting, there is an adventure trail with steps between nut trees, funny cable car 20 meters, rope bridge and much more all within our rafting center of Serravalle.

    The experience is to try! To begin wearing safety harnesses, with helmet and gloves. Subsequently, through a short briefing will explain the basic rules of the course and how to tackle it in complete safety.

    The route consists of several steps in the trees, among which is the rope bridge and the cable car. Other possible activities in addition to the nature trail are: archery, orienteering, environmental education and all water activities. The nature adventure course consists of a series of activities aimed at all fun. Immersed in a fantastic natural environment, the nature adventure trail on Lake Fiastra, you will experience unforgettable moments.

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